Your support and contributions will aid us in our mission against hunger and malnutrition in the most vulnerable and overlooked communities.

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For most of us, having food is a given. 

Imagine having to worry about that essential need everyday of your life. 

 To maximize the most effective delivery of our services NES utilizes in depth studies that provide comprehensive demographic profiles of people seeking food assistance through the charitable sector. The data we collect is used to guide the growth and development of NES. 

Our food relief packages are designed to focus on providing healthy options while also considering health concerns and/or religious beliefs.

Our services  include, delivering 2 week supplies of fresh as well as non-perishable food. 

Our bi weekly hot meal service program targets those who do not have the resources to contact us for assists through normal means of communication and the homeless. In 2019 NES has plans to acquire our first of many mobile food banks. 

As a faith based organization NES is corporately committed to provide moral and spiritual support, which we consider a basic need and every bit as important as the sustenance we provide. 


No Empty Stomachs is a faith based charity whose mission is to provide and distribute healthy wholesome food to individuals and families in need of assistance regardless of race,economic status or beliefs. While establishing Mobile Food Pantries around Southern California for immediate walk in assistance. We take into account the individuals health needs and or concerns by curtailing each package of food to not only satisfy hunger but also nourishing and maintaining a healthy human body.


NES was started by two women that came from low income to middle American households and know first hand how it feels to have lacked food at times seeing the stress it can cause . Coming from families of love we made a promise to give back to humanity once able. We are now able and going strong by Faith and works. It takes a village to truly see the change we envision and is why we started No Empty Stomachs, your support is needed to see our dreams for humanity become a reality. Through Faith, determination, perseverance and hard work we are personally dedicated and corporately committed to aid in the fight against hunger and poor nutrition treating those in need as we would want to be treated with humble service .

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